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Tourism in Khajuraho

Khajuraho India is located in the forested plains of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh in the region known as Bundelkhand. The place is at a considerable distance from most cities and town centers of the state. The art of Khajuraho India attracts numerous visitors to it.

History of Khajuraho

The art of Khajuraho India has a long history. Today the art of Khajuraho India is world renowned. The beautiful temples that dot the town of Khajuraho are believed to have been built by the mighty Chandela rulers in 9th and 10th century AD. The engravings on these temples are highly sensual and erotic and much has already been discussed their symbolic importance. Tantricism and the Shakti cult, where the pancha makaras (five tenets), namely, matsya (fish), madira (wine), maithun (sexual activity), mamsa (meat), and mudra (gesture) were to release the human spirit from the bondage of the flesh, have been described as the possible explanations for the sculptural sensuality of Khajuraho.Out of 85 temples, only 20 have survived the ravages of time. Made of sandstone blocks fitted together, the temples are aligned east-west. For convenience, these may be divided into western, eastern, and southern groups of temples.

Best Time to Visit in Khajuraho

Khajuraho can be visited anytime between the months of July to March. The city of Madhya Pradesh is a treasure house of ancient cave temples. The best time to explore these prized beauties is the pleasant months. Summers in the city are warm days. Heated weather does not lets you enjoy the sights. Monsoon in the city are a pleasant time. Moderate rains are available for few days in the season. The lovely months of October to February is the best time as crowds from all over the world visit. The Khajuraho Dance Festival held every year in February is the best time to plan your trip. At the marvelous backdrop enjoy the rare classical dances of the country.

How to Reach in Khajuraho


-Khajuraho Airport is a well-connected domestic airport in India. The air terminal has regular flight options from almost all domestic cities of the country. From the airport the city is a 3 kilometers distance away. Cabs, taxis, buses all connect the city. Lucknow, Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport is the international airport accessible from the city.


-Khajuraho railway station is connected to only select cities. Regular trains run from Delhi to the station. The city is only 4 kilometers away. Mahoba is the nearest major railhead which is 63 km away. From this railway station, trains from all over India are accessible. Form the railhead the city can be reached by taxis, cabs, buses, private taxis.


-Khajuraho is well connected by extensive road network. Most of the cities in Madhya Pradesh are well-connected with Khajuraho owing to a good road network. The main highway is National Highway Number 75, which falls en route to the town. State owned buses, luxury coaches, private cabs, taxis and personal vehicles ply regularly on the route.

Shopping in Khajuraho

On Jain Temple Road at the handicraft stores and at Crafts Emporium you can get sculptures of brass, iron or stone depicting Kama Sutra poses which is the specialty of Khajuraho.Rajinagar which is 5km from Khajuraho, on every Tuesdays a weekly bazaar is held and in this bazaar good collection of silver and brass – ware is available. Visits to local handicraft shops, book shops and Restaurants are included in the city tour of Khajuraho. You can find a large number of small shops and large shopping stores in Khajuraho. You can also find shopping stores in hotel campus. Not only these, there are mobile book sellers gathered around monument entrances, parking places and local market areas.In the shopping stores & shops of Khajuraho you can find playing cards depicting erotic sculptures picture and Khajuraho statue pictures, wooden statues, metallic statues, handicraft items, precious stones, ornaments, printed ready-made garments, books describing Khajuraho history etc.

Best Things To Do in Khajuraho

If thrill and knowledge are what you’re seeking, there are plenty of things to do in Khajuraho to quench your thirst. The name ‘Khajuraho’ is almost synonymous with ancient religions and history, as the land is lined with a vast array of temples and palaces.Ditch the mindless chatter and blaring noises of your daily life, and head to Khajuraho for the excitement of a lavish ride back in time. Forming 3 groups of temples, Western, Eastern and Southern, it is a hub of cultures, traditions, and rich historical events, mostly dating back to the reign of the Chandela Dynasty.Also, widely applauded for the remarkable architectural styles that the monuments and temples reflect, Khajuraho is a hotspot for tourists, both Indian and international. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Khajuraho hosts a plethora of historical monuments and natural wonders to visit, and there is no shortage of things to do in Khajuraho.The magnificent Panna National Park, Raneh Falls, and Pandav Falls offer you the perfect respite from the concrete jungle that is the outside world, while temples of Kandariya Mahadev, Chitragupta, Brahma, and Ghantai truly ignite your curiosity concerning religion, culture, and history.